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About Larnessa Dallas

l decided to do this work because of my passion to make or help people become well while showing a new way of living and eating in order to maintain good mental and physical health. There are too many sick people in this world and it doesn't have to be that way. My ultimate goal is to show others how they can live healthier lives by changing what and how they eat along with natural supplementation. I too came to the same realization one day.

I also provide guidance and life coaching services to individuals and families by way of psychiatric rehabilitation and cognitive strengthening strategies. I am a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, a Mental Health Practitioner with an AAS in mental health, and  a certified, Geriatric Nursing Assistant. I have also studied for a RN license. I am a Herbalist and Health Educator. Feel free to select the desired tab at the top of the page to view each of the services and or products offered. I hope that these services and products will be a tremendous blessing to your life.

Larnessa Dallas, AAS- GHC Affiliate

MHP- Mental Health Practitioner

CPRP- Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practioner
CGNA-Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant

NHE-Natural Health Educator 

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