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Healing for the Mind & Relationships

      God has blessed me over the years to help people reconcile relationships and discover a peace of mind in Him. I used that same call and gift of reconciliation to motivate myself in aquiring a degree and multiple certifications in mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation. I am also a Licensed Minister. I utilize God's word and cognitive methods to bring individuals back to a normal or healthy state in their minds and or relationships. I also provide "Emergency Crisis Intervention".

        Teaching a person to seperate their emotional self from their logical self is an enormous task which requires God's intervention along with disciplined techniques. One must first fully learn how to love and have a relationship with themselves before they can invite someone else to share a life with them. Once such a transactions takes place, life becomes a "common denominator", and the whole dynamic (the way two or more people are expected to interact in order to promote growth and be in harmony) changes. 

        All appointments are confidential and available for individuals, husband (male) and wife (female), families (bio & extended), siblings, friendships, professional relationships, life and business decisions support, advocate(one that supports or promotes the interests of another...within reason) assistance, and fellowships. To schedule a consultation please submit your request in the form provided.

       I look forward to supporting you with your commitment to ensuring a peaceful, prosperous, and sound mind and life is yours.


People & Relationships - Marvin Gaye
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