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Global Healing Center

While operating a full time health clinic in 1998, Global Healing Center Founder and CEO Dr. Edward F. Group realized that he wanted to reach and help people beyond the walls of his practice. He became obsessed with finding a way to spread the message of health, happiness, and nutrition to the global community.

His longing to serve a larger part of the population led him to close the clinic and focus his energy on what he believed would be the future of business and communication as a whole -- the internet. Global Healing Center was born with the simple goal of providing helpful, relevant information and support to people around the world who sought to improve their health. Ever since, it has been our mission to bring back good health, positive thinking, happiness, and love to the world.



“The Nascent Iodine has helped me in many ways, such as allowing my mind to retain information and giving me more energy, i have suffered with thyroid issues for quite some time and have ben taking prescrbed medicine and never recieved any of the positive results from them like I have with the even stopped my gums from bleeding and boosted my metabolism. thank you Larnessa

Charity from Maryland

The B-12 has given me a great deal of energy as well as helped strengthen my nerveous system since my traggic tractor trailer accident.

Larry from Maryland

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